How It Works

Our city-wide photo pass is designed to help you capture your entire trip with great photos!

Step 1

Arrive at a designated photo spot

Each pass includes 3-4 of the most popular attractions in the city.

Step 2

Smile for a short professional photo session

A photographer will be waiting to capture you and your group with a short 15 min photo session.

Step 3

Show photographer your QR code

We use your specific QR code to link photos to your Seize account.

Step 4

Download photos within 24 hours

Your photos will be ready for download within 24 hours via our app.

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Step 5

Repeat at every location

Great photos at all of the locations because the photo pass is good for the entire weekend!

Document your travels with great photos ...

"Incredible!! My family’s entire trip in DC was captured beautifully. I usually book a professional photoshoot when we travel, and we end up with great photos at one location. This pass allows you to get great photos at multiple locations!"


from Colorado

"I love not having to ask a stranger! We were able to show up at the location within the time frame, and there was a photographer waiting to take our photos. My husband and I finally have great photos that we can use on our Christmas cards!! And the photos were returned within 24 hours, super great! Highly recommend." 


from Las Vegas

"The photographers were very nice and friendly. Always made sure to have the best possible photo of us at each stop."


from New York